WinonaNET is in READ-ONLY mode!

As of October 2017, the iOS RiderNET API is offline, which is what this site used to retrieve your rider statistics. The ability to log in and download your statistics is no longer possible.

What is WinonaNET

WinonaNET is a play on words for being a clone of RiderNet (get it, Winona.. Rider..), the statistics engine for SSX (2012). Awful puns aside, it is a demonstration of what RiderNet for SSX should have been. Beautiful, informative, and useful. Here are my explore statistics.

WinonaNET is in no way, shape or form endorsed, authorized, or allowed by the makers of SSX. Use at your own risk. I intend no disrespect or infringement on any trademark, copyright or other legal bullshit. I just wanted the data better presented for myself, but others have found solace and comfort and use this as well.


Here's what you've missed if you have not visited us in a while:
WinonaNET v2.0 Released! Clean new look, sexy graphs and tables!


Here's what people are saying about WinonaNET:

EA should take note. Mad props.
- gondee (Founder,

This is incredible... It has a nice look too. Coming from one person, this is really, really great.
- bakalhau (Operator, SSXMerquryCity gamertags on XBL and PSN)

I want to have your babies!!!1
- Kijooki25_iN (Stalker)

Great work - this is what the Ridernet app should have been like.
- Matt_431 (Random n00b, forum)

Wow. WinonaNET was already pretty cool, but with the addition of Explore data, it just got REALLY awesome.
- mahkra (scoring mechanics guru)

- Dawn Redwood (Tree, Curnoe's Moustache)